Template Highlights

  • Visualize the recruitment process, making it easy for managers to have a clear view of recruitment tasks and progress.
  • Real-time updates that can be shared, sent to business leaders for review, and automatically updated with interview information after confirmation.



Data visualization, consisting of three main sections:

  • "Common Information"
  • "Recruitment Plans and Daily Work"
  • "Stage Recruitment Data Query"

2.Resume Information

Used to organize applicants' resume information, which can be shared with business leaders for review. After approval, basic information will be automatically updated in "Interview Information."

3.Interview Information

Used to track information for the "Initial Interview, Final Interview, and Offer" stages. After a successful interview, basic information will be automatically updated in "Offer Status."

4.Offer Status

Tracks simple information related to "Offer" and "Onboarding."

5.Candidate Information

Summarizes essential information from the first three tables, making it convenient for HR to review specific details of each interviewee.

  • Detail Illustration

  • Recommended Users: Human Resources