Activity Name:

I. Background of activities

Fill in the event background here, you can enter @ to insert the relevant cloud file
  1. Describe the project background
  1. ......

II. Activity Objectives

Fill in the goals you want to achieve here, it is recommended to quantify the goals, you can enter @ insert into the cloud document
  1. Activity Objectives 
  1. ......

III. Event information

Here fill in the event information including event time, location, schedule, etc.
  1. Activity time
  1. Activity Location

  1. Activity Venue
You can insert pictures, locations, etc.

  1. Activity Schedule



Responsible person

IV. Division of activities

Enter the division of activities here, enter @ and mention the responsible person
  1. Describe specific tasks
  1. ......

V. Activity budget

Specific projects

Unit price


Total Price

Venue fee