1. Background
Record the background information of the event

  1. Purpose
The purpose of this activity is in order of priority

  1. Goals
Write down the goals you want to achieve by holding this event, which can be divided into short-term goals and long-term goals to elaborate. In addition, it is recommended to set data indicators that can measure the degree of completion for the goal to avoid ambiguous expressions

  1. Target Audience
Clarify the target audience of the event, formulate event strategies more specifically, and provide direction and basis for content dissemination

  1. Scenarios
Briefly outline the activity plan, or insert a hyperlinkBriefly outline the activity plan, or insert a hyperlink

  1. Flow Chart
A concise flow chart of activities can make thinking clearer and logic clearer

  1. Content
Introduce all sections of the event in detail

  1. Promotion Channels
Make a detailed record of the responsible person of each promotion channel. When members have problems, it is convenient to synchronize at any time

Delivery Channels

Channel Name

Channel Account

Person in Charge

Social Media

Insert Link


  1. Budget

Funds Classification

Use ContentPurpose

Estimated cost

Publicity Costs

Online promotion