Time: March 1st - March 10th

  1. Important and Urgent
This plate work content priority is highest, the time is urgent needs to complete as soon as possible
  • Write the headlines, people in charge: @xxx, deadline: 2022年3月1日, 周二2022年3月1日
  • Set the deadline reminder, the expiration of automatic reminder
  • Assign executors by "@ + name"

  1. Important but Not Urgent
This plate work content is important but the priority is not high
  • Writing 8th anniversary plan, people in charge: @xxx, deadline: 2022年3月2日, 周三2022年3月2日
  • ......

  1. Urgent but Not Important
The work of this section is not important, but the time is pressing
  • ......

  1. Not Important and Not Urgent
This plate work plate is not urgent nor important, you can arrange the appropriate manpower or time to complete
  • ......