Video + Telephony Sample Template

Verbal Structure



Let's get started by showcasing our hot-selling item #7. Displaying it in full screen!

I'm going to give you a close look at this 1.6-meter-long chain of beads.

Just imagine the beauty of beads of this length!

For those who have never worn pearls before, you can confidently dive into this.

This item has been highly rated and elegant, resembling a retro-style oversized bead necklace. We have two versions available, and I won't beat around the bush with the original price.

I've been wearing this bead necklace for months, from winter until now, and it has sold exceptionally well. Many pearl companies focus on pendants and rings during spring and summer, but here you have the chance to own this necklace for just 599. The value is truly unmatched.

Key Selling Points

This necklace offers multiple ways to wear it, and my only requirement is that you buy it if you genuinely love it. Although there's a 7-day return policy, wearing it takes effort, and I encourage only those who truly adore it to make a purchase.

Place an order if you're genuinely interested, and we'll ship it out within 72 hours.

If you need any convincing, take a look at its flaws, but please remember that if you're not comfortable with minor imperfections, it's okay to pass.

The ultimate flawlessness can be obtained for 2999.

For 599, let's compare it to the flaws. Get ready! (Together: 54331)

(Assistant: Add 30 more)

I'll ship this necklace within 72 hours after I end the live session.

If you can wait, this deal is for you.

Delivery and Pairing

Each bead has been chosen for its brilliance and the beads you receive will match what I showcase in the livestream.

(Assistant: What you see is what you get)

I'll also show you how to accessorize with a silk scarf.

(Assistant: You can experiment with various ways of wearing it at home)

I've worn this necklace throughout the winter, pairing it with turtlenecks, white shirts, black dresses, and even denim jackets.

It's versatile and stunning, although it's impossible for a necklace of this length to be flawless at 599. When you receive it, put it on and look in the mirror.

Honestly, only you will notice the flaws, especially when you're out wearing it.

Let's move on to the next item!

Comparison and Pricing

Our pearls are natural and our brand stands out.

This batch is 2999 while the other is 599.

How many of you are interested in the basic, nearly flawless, 2999 version?

But let me clarify, each version has its own merits.

599 offers excellent value and the difference in imperfections is negligible.

For those who are keen on having the best, get ready! (Together: 54331)

(Assistant: Add 3 more links for item #8)

Check out item #7 and #8, and let's move on to our next offering.

  1. Increasing Viewer Engagement Strategies and Dialogue for Live Streaming
How can we extend the time viewers spend in the live stream?
Beyond the initial visual impression created by the setup of the live room, the actual products, special offers, and entertainment content presented in the live stream can all be emphasized by the host to increase viewer engagement and retention.




Teasing Special Offers

Wait a moment, there's a surprise coming up!

  • Assistant: "I'll reveal the treat later."

Host: "I'm aware, don't worry!"

  • Stay tuned for the link to our exclusive deal. I promise it's going to be a real treat.

Miss this, and you'll wait a year!

  • Today's all about clearing out, we're clearing everything from our inventory. No need to rush; you definitely want to stick around. Leaving the live room might mean missing out on something you really want!
  • Clothes, pants, everything! Our deals are quick – one every minute. Once it's gone, it's gone!

Newcomers, I see you!

  • A warm welcome to our new viewers! I'll give you a special welcome gift.
  • Just entered the live room? Don't leave just yet. We're a factory-direct store, and our clothes are as high-quality as any brand out there.

Upcoming Product Teasers

The item you've been waiting for is coming up!

  • For those who want the xxx item, stay right here – we're about to show it to you.

Entertainment to Keep Viewers Engaged

Let's all join in for a game!

  • Look at this, who's going to win this 3000 yuan red envelope? Let's see who takes it home. Let's do it together – ready? Three, two, one, three and a half! Congratulations!

Heartfelt Stories – Let's Share Our Journey

  • The host from Hucheng Guniang shares her journey of starting a live stream on Douyin, attracting a lot of fans to tune in.
  1. Increasing Audience Follows
Fans in a live stream have higher purchasing power compared to non-fans. How can we effectively guide viewers to follow the live stream?
By emphasizing exclusive benefits for fans, attracting casual viewers to become fans and enjoy the perks; setting up fun follow reminders to encourage audience engagement and create a unique atmosphere; treating users as family, quickly responding to their needs to cultivate a sense of belonging and rapport.
These strategies help businesses stand out among numerous live streams, attract audience attention, and build a dedicated fan base.




Exclusively for Fans

Tap Follow for Exclusive Coupons!

Create a dedicated follow segment, replay the coupon promotion message repeatedly.

  • Hey, time to act! Tap the follow button to get the coupon on the top left corner. If you're not following yet, just tap the follow button above – by following, you can enjoy the exclusive benefits in our live room.

Guide followers with actions to redeem coupons.

  • Newcomers, give us ten likes and follow the host to receive a 10-meter coupon!

Follow for Fan Privileges!

Offer priority shipping/nationwide free shipping/shipping insurance/7-day hassle-free returns for fans.

  • Following the host guarantees priority shipping – you'll receive your order in 1 to 3 days.
  • For those who've followed and joined the fan group, we're offering shipping insurance and nationwide free shipping. Last ten seconds – 7-day hassle-free returns and shipping insurance, so don't forget to follow!
  • Not only shipping insurance, nationwide free shipping too! Sisters, we're not done yet. Follow us to enjoy 7-day hassle-free returns – sounds good, right? More power to you! Sisters, are you ready? If you snagged a deal, I'll prioritize your order and ship it out!

Follow for Exquisite Gifts!

  • Only twenty spots left! Order the suit, follow us, and join the fan group to receive a white bag.
  • For this wave of followers, we'll get motivated. The top ten on the leaderboard will have a chance to win an Apple iPhone – let's start now! Bring me a phone, let's go!
  • Become a VIP follower and reach level ten in the fan group. Message me to get a free mystery box with a beautiful piece of clothing. Remember to follow – each follow means one more friend!

Follow for Discounts at Checkout!

  • Tap follow, become a VIP of the coco brand, and get factory prices for everything. All factory prices. The beige shirt is 288, but today it's down to 88, factory price.
  • Newcomers, give ten likes and follow the host to enjoy special fan prices!

Engaging Follow Reminders

Tap Follow! Never Get Lost!

Engaging follow reminder segment with a playful vibe.

  • Male host: Welcome newcomers to the live room, make sure to hit the follow button above!
  • Everyone together: Tap! Tap! Follow! Follow!

When a wave of viewers enters, remind them to follow.

  • I see a wave of our beloved viewers joining us. New viewers, hit that follow button – we're about to launch exciting discounts.

Belonging Like Family

Don't Miss Out – It's Worth It / Looks Great!

Speak from the user's perspective to make them feel valued, not just sold to. Even without a specific "follow" prompt, users will want to follow.

  • Check out this shirt; grab it now for a great deal! Sisters, add to cart, and add ten more! Three, two, one, more stock!
  • Many new fans are here. Let's give them a warm welcome! Three, two, one – stock up!
  • Before you place an order, join the fan group and follow. You can then use the coupon.

Quick Response to User Needs

I'll Solve Your Problem Right Away!

Address user questions promptly, making them feel valued and encouraging them to follow.

  • xx, if you're 1.6m/50kg, go for the size M!
  • Want to see a different color? Sure, I'll get it for you.
  • How should you style this outfit? Let me show you – pair it with this skirt or these cute shorts.
  • This fabric doesn't pill, and it's high-quality. No fuzziness...

  1. Engaging Comment Strategies
Comments in a live stream provide a direct interaction between the host and viewers. Guiding users to comment and answering their questions quickly bridges the gap between users and hosts, creating a face-to-face communication feeling. Here are 9 techniques to increase comments: Encourage users to speak up, ask them to comment after making a purchase, offer benefits for commenting, introduce trending topics, show expertise, tell stories, answer questions, provide rewards for quizzes, and involve them in outfit choices.




Encourage Users to Speak Up

Comment if You Want It!

  • The pants are in link #2. If you want them, type "want." This special deal lasts for two minutes.
  • For those who want the "jacket," let's flood the screen with the word "jacket"! Anyone looking for jacket benefits, type "jacket."

Use creative keywords like: 1/want/666/benefits/brand name/link number/product category/new item/like/...

Ask Purchasers to Comment

After Your Purchase, Leave a Comment!

  • After purchasing, type '1' to let us know you got it. If you've made a purchase, come back and type '1' – I've got a belt for you.
  • If you've snagged a deal, type '1' to let me know. After all, we're giving away shipping insurance for all purchases and 7-day hassle-free returns.
  • All those who've snagged a deal, float a '1' – let's see how many of you got it. We're offering shipping insurance for all of you. Is that enough? If not, we're also doing 7-day hassle-free returns.

Offer Benefits for Commenting

Only by Commenting, You'll Get Benefits!

  • Interval discount: Original price is 1199, but if you type '1,' we'll give you a 700 RMB discount! Is 700 RMB off enough for you? If not, type '2.' (Tip: Instead of immediately revealing what '2' does, spend a minute introducing the product's features, giving users time to comment.)
  • Clearance sale: Today is a clearance event. We're offering discounts on all items. Hurry, it's all about speed! (This will generate comments asking about stock and products.)
  • Freebies and giveaways: Announce that you're giving away freebies. (This will generate comments asking about the giveaway.)

Introduce Trending Topics

Star's Outfit, Limited Edition!

  • The newest Jay Chou-inspired outfit from HaiLan Home is here. It's brand new, trendy, and it hasn't even been on the market for ten days. If you want the Jay Chou-inspired outfit, type '1'!
  • Link #3 features a Wu Xuan Yi-inspired outfit. Newcomers, give ten likes and follow the host to get a 10-meter coupon.

Show Your Expertise

I Know Every Detail of the Product!

Explain product details like fabric, material, and style. Users will trust you, leading to purchase or comments about sizing and color.

  • his time we've used wrinkle-resistant fabric. Just shake it out, and you can wear it right away. Assistant, did the denim jeans arrive? Is it in stock? It's oil-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and has great heat resistance. The texture is smooth, and the color is warm and rich.
  • These shoes have a 4cm jelly rubber insert in the sole, giving you extra height. It's versatile and breathable – perfect for both men and women.

Tell Stories

I Have a Story – Does It Resonate with You?

  • Share stories, like your journey to starting a live stream, to engage and attract comments from fans.

Answer Questions

What Do You Want to Know? Ask Away!

Respond to fan questions about product details such as size, color, material, and shipping, building trust and rapport.

  • If you're unsure what to buy, share your height and weight, and I can help.

Provide Rewards for Quizzes:

Test Your Knowledge – Join the Prize Draw!

  • I'm giving away a tassel. Can you answer a question for me? For a prize, why is the fabric I'm wearing called "lazy fabric"? If you get any of the performance aspects right, you could win a prize.

Involve Users in Outfit Choices

Which One Do You Prefer – This or That?

  • Let's take a look. Both of these are somewhat similar. If you like this one, type '1.' If you prefer the other, type '2.' It seems like more '1's for now, but '2' is catching up!

  1. Price Presentation Strategies
The pricing of products in live streams greatly interests users. Highlight the high value of discounts through comparisons and exclusive offers. Set relatively easy conditions for discounts to stimulate customers to make purchases.




Conditional Discounts

Comment More, Get Bigger Discounts!

  • For the $1899 coat, all ladies typing '1,' get ready! Deduct $100, $200, $300, $400, and $500, then another $100, for a total of $600 off. Final price is $1299. Now, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, adjust the price! $1289. Prepare for 3, 2, 1, open the link and increase stock!
  • For all ladies typing '1,' this coat is originally $1699 offline, $1269 on Taobao. I previously offered it at $1099, but now it's even lower! Not $1000, not $999. If you're not excited enough with '1,' I'll give you more coupons! Originally $1699, now $999, or even $899. Adjust the price, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! For all ladies typing '1' today, you'll get this coat for $849!

Like to Unlock Discounts!

  • You see this coat costs xxx on Taobao's official website. In our live stream, it's not four digits, just three. If we hit xxxxx likes, I'll reveal the live stream price.
  • Once we hit 20k likes, we'll give a $600 discount!
  • 20k likes for $100 off, 30k likes for $200 off.

Exclusive preferential

Exclusive Price for Followers/Fans

  • This is a special price only for those who follow. If you're not following, you won't get this price.
  • Join our fan club to get a coupon for this flash sale product.

Limited-Time Flash Sale

  • After yesterday's bestseller, many messaged that they missed it. We're doing another flash sale today, only xxx.
  • For this coat, the tag price is over $500, but it's live-streaming at just over $200. We have only 20 pieces for this flash sale. Hurry and be quick!

The Price I Pledged!

  • This is a piece of clothing I pledged. Curious about the pledge price? I discussed this privately yesterday, and it's definitely a price worth grabbing.

Online Price Comparison

Compare Online and Offline Prices – We Offer the Best!

  • Our tag price is $199, the store price is $199 without discounts, and the website price is $169. But if you're here in our live stream, what's the price? Countdown: 54321, it's only $119.

Our Clothes are Cost-Effective with Top-Brand Quality!

  • These pants are produced by a top-brand factory. We've taken them directly from their production line. Reliable quality and factory prices!

  1. The Playful Techniques of Up and Down Links
Creating an atmosphere during the process of introducing and removing links is a crucial step in converting orders. When introducing a link, you can build a sense of tension through countdowns. Skillful interaction with the audience while introducing links can give them a feeling of "I negotiated for a discount" or "I secured a deal." During the removal of links, countdowns and the announcement of remaining stock can create a sense of urgency and impulse buying.




Introducing the Link

Countdown, Up the Link, Click Link Number X

  • For the original $1899 coat, all ladies typing '1,' get ready! Deduct $100, $200, $300, $400, and $500, then another $100, for a total of $600 off. Final price is $1299. Now, countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, adjust the price! $1289. Get ready, 3, 2, 1, open the link and increase stock!
  • 5 seconds, start typing, 4 seconds, start typing, 3 seconds, start typing, 2, 1! Go up the link! Hurry and go place your order, type 'ordered' when you're done!

Type 'Want' for What You Want, Type 'Got' for Discount. Change Price and Up the Link

  • Those who want this, type '1,' start typing those little '1's. Let me see how many are interested. If there are many, we'll have a group buy. If we gather 100 '1's, we'll start the group buy and put up the link.
  • Limited to 100 pieces, anyone interested? Type 'want'! After I finish the introduction, I'll provide everyone with the flash sale link!
  • Everyone, type 'want'! Assistants, tally up the first 100 people who typed it. We'll countdown 5 seconds and then put up the link!

Removing the Link

3, 2, 1, Link Removed!

  • We're taking it down in 3 seconds, once it's gone, it's gone forever, 3, 2, 1! Alright, it's taken down. Those who got it, type 'got'!

Last 5 Pieces! Last Piece! Sold Out!

  • There are only 10 left, 8 left, 5 left... This is the last piece, and they're all sold out!
  • Oh, they're gone. For those who missed out, type 'didn't get it.' If we have enough people, I'll bring in another batch! Operations team, add 50 more orders, I'll wrap up in ten seconds!

  1. Creating a Buying Atmosphere
The immediacy and interactivity of live streaming can effectively cultivate a marketplace atmosphere, generating a sense of urgency and enthusiasm that urges viewers to place orders. Timely addressing viewer inquiries and alleviating purchasing concerns can expedite conversions. Anticipating upcoming benefits, such as purchasing specific items or reaching certain spending thresholds, can also stimulate viewers' impulsive buying behaviors. Promptly responding and engaging with viewers' comments, particularly those confirming their purchases, fosters a sense of being valued and enhances the overall purchasing experience.




Creating a Sense of Urgency

Limited Stock, Order Early for Fast Shipping

  • Shipping: Order now for fast shipping/Shipping within three days.
  • Limited Stock: We have limited quantities of this beige color. Only around a hundred sets of this outfit remain. Act quickly and place your orders. This item is on flash sale, so grab it before it's gone!

Good Items are in High Demand!

  • Hurry and Order: Link for item XX has been posted. Place your order quickly, and be fast with your fingers! (Host's excitement, with an assistant excitedly reporting the remaining stock)
  • Countdown: Countdown to XXXX. Once this round is over, it won't be available anymore.
  • Increasing Payment Rate: Those who haven't paid yet, we'll need to remove you.

Addressing Purchase Concerns:

This Size Looks Good on You, Won't Make You Look Chubby

  • Sizing: If you weigh XX pounds, we recommend you get size X. It fits well—no need to worry.
  • This outfit won't make you look chubby. If you're around XX pounds, no need to worry about looking heavier.
  • Petite ladies can go for the shorter version (specific audience call), while taller individuals with thicker calves can opt for the longer version.

Discounts are Applied, Feel Confident to Buy

  • Link XX has been updated with discounted prices (a great deal). You can confidently go ahead and make your purchase.

Quick Shipping, Hassle-Free Returns

  • For those in Suzhou, your order will arrive the next day, dear customers. We ship from Wuxi, Jiangsu, and we also provide shipping insurance for your peace of mind.

Guiding Viewers to Specific Items

Buy this Item for Special Benefits

  • Order this (individual item) and receive XXX (with free gift) / Participate in a short video/live stream comment raffle for a chance to win a free item (with the possibility of a free item).

This is the Host's Personal Collection

  • I have a personally tailored item that cost over 3000, but when this item, the same as the one He Sui wears, is only priced at 1708, I placed an order immediately during our live stream. (Comparison, a host's personal order)

Increasing Average Order Value

Buy More, Get More

  • Place an order above a certain amount and get XXX for free.
  • Spend over XX, get an XX yuan discount coupon.
  • Purchase 2/3 items and get XXX for free.

Positive Reply Approach

Thank You for Your Support!

  • You've already placed your order, haven't you? Alright. Thank you for your support.
  • Those who managed to get their orders in, remember to come back and comment "got it" three times.