1. Introduction

  1. Requirements Basic Information


Describes which business or project the requirement belongs to

Goals and priorities

State which business/project target the requirement aligns with and how it is prioritized in the business/project

Demand leader

Type "@+ name" to refer to the relevant person

  1. Review Objectives
Required. Specify the issues that need to be agreed upon for this review and formalize the synchronization of meeting minutes among project members. If there are multiple goals, they should be ranked in order of importance
  • Objective 1
  • Objective 2
  • ......

2. Demand Background and Value Analysis

  1. Solved Problem
Abstract certain common user pain points, rather than simply enumerating user feedback quote
  • Problem 1
  • Problem 2
  • ......

  1. Conclusion of User Survey
Briefly explain the research method, sample situation and key conclusions,you can enter "@+ filename" to attach a detailed data analysis report

  • Key Findings
State the key conclusions

  • Research Methods
Outline the main method and program framework of the research

  • Sample Description
Outline the overall situation of the sample

  1. Data Analysis and Conclusions
Clarify the definition of each data, list the analysis formula and key analysis conclusions, you can enter"@+ filename" to attach a detailed data analysis report

  • Data Analysis and Conclusions
Write down the conclusion of the data analysis

  • Data Definition and Derivation Formula
  • Derive Formula
Explain the main process and formula of data derivation to ensure that everyone reaches a consensus on the data analysis logic. Enter "@+table name" and insert it directly into the table

  • Data Definition
Data Dimension 1: Explain the precise definition of this data dimension

  1. Competition Analysis and Conclusion
List the main information and key conclusions of the competition comparison, you can enter "@+file name" to attach a detailed competition analysis report

  • Competition Analysis Conclusion
Write down the conclusion of competition analysis

  • Competition Scheme Summary


Programme Overview

Screenshots or Videos

Competitor 1

It is recommended to arrange the pictures horizontally as much as possible to reduce the length of the document

Competitor 2


3. Demand target and effect forecast

  1. Requirements Objectives
The requirement objectives should clearly address existing issues and align with the business/project goals. If there are multiple objectives, they should be prioritized based on their importance. In order to ensure that the requirement objectives are clear and focused, it's advisable to avoid adding too many objectives simultaneously.
  • Objective 1
  • Objective 2
  • ......

  1. Effect Evaluation
There needs to be clear data indicators to assess the effect and to explain the logic of thinking

4. Requirements Range

Enter "@+table name" to directly insert a table, systematically list the scope of requirements or the structure of information.


Brief Description


Requirement 1






5. Requirements Description

Information to focus on
  1. Operation Flow
You can insert picture display operation path directly

  1. Interaction Prototype
According to the user operation flow, the interactive design draft of the user operation in turn should be displayed, and the complete user operation path flow should be displayed

  1. Interaction Description
Specify the logic and expected effect of each interaction point

Interaction Point

Interaction description

Schematic Diagram

Interactive Copywriting

Step 1

The expected effect of the interaction

Click on the left to add the symbol and insert the picture

Note the text



6. Data burial

Show the data burial scheme


Event Description

Buried parameters

Reporting rules


Event 1



  1. Related Documents
Type "@+ filename" to insert the relevant shimo cloud file
  • Data Analysis Report
  • User Research Report
  • Design Analysis Report
  • ......

  1. Correlation Groups
If a project group has already been established, you can insert the group QR code to facilitate the entry of relevant personnel into the group and keep track of the project's progress.