• The Courage to Be Disliked

Authors: Ichiro Kishimi / Fumitake Koga

Synopsis: The Courage to Be Disliked is not about attracting negative energy from being disliked. Instead, it means that if this is where my life can shine the brightest, even if there's a possibility of being disliked, I will go there with my own hands and feet. With the courage to be disliked, true happiness becomes a possibility.

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Abstract ✍️

Man lives in this world as a powerless being. And the desire to be rid of this impotence is followed by a universal desire. Adler calls it the "Pursuit of superiority". It can simply be understood as"Wanting progress" or "Pursuing the ideal state".

-- The inferiority complex is just an excuse

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  • The Power of Self-Care

By Kristine Neff

Content Abstract: we are all more likely to care for others, to tolerate others, to understand others, and to neglect ourselves!
This book through self-care, static observation, common human explanation and practice, help readers find a way to reconcile with themselves. Let everyone learn to change their negative emotional patterns, become healthier, Happier, happier and more productive, learn to care for themselves, and master the power of life reversal.

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Abstract ✍️

When we focus only on our own shortcomings and ignore the broader human condition, our perspective tends to become narrow. Most people are unaware of what they have in common with others, especially when feelings of shame and powerlessness run rampant. When people fail, they don't associate their own imperfections with shared human experience. Instead, they tend to feel isolated and isolated from the world around them. It seems to be a vicious circle: the more inadequacy, the more separation and vulnerability.

-- Alone

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