B2B Contract Sales and Management Template

Are you tired of wasting the valuable client data you've collected?

Do you find it challenging to monitor and forecast monthly sales performance?

Now, we introduce the "B2B Contract Sales and Management Template", designed to build a flexible CRM system that helps sales teams track every sales lead in real-time. It allows you to input every client, every lead, and every deal, ensuring end-to-end tracking of sales information. The accumulated data throughout the sales process is automatically used to generate performance forecasts through the template's designed calculations, making it convenient for sales managers to monitor progress.

Template Highlights

  • Track Sales Leads: From prospect to closure, follow the entire process to prevent client attrition.
  • Sales Performance Forecast: Multi-dimensional data dashboards for efficient control and forecasting of team sales data.
  • Identify Issues: Easily spot issues related to communication hindrances leading to delayed payments and more.
  • OKR Management Mechanism: Team members can provide timely progress feedback, ensuring data-backed decisions for sales managers.

Instructions for Uses

1. Team DashBoard: A Decisive Tool for Sales Managers

The "Team DashBoard" is an overview dashboard within the "B2B Contract Sales and Management Template."

Sales managers can use the "Team DashBoard" to track performance in real-timepinpoint issues accurately, and uncover insights into the underlying dynamics of monthly sales behaviors. This information helps in predicting future sales figures.

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Besides monitoring the overall team's work, sales managers can issue instructions and share essential information through the dashboard. The "Announcements" section on the left is ideal for posting company announcements and critical information. On the upper right of the template is a cloud storage area for storing important files accessible to employees at any time.

2. Overall Every Congtrol and Clear: Don't Miss Out on Critical Information

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The sales team records the minutes of every meeting in the "Overall Every Congtrol and Clear" section. This ensures that details of daily tasks, meeting agenda, explanations, timeframes, responsible parties, completion status, document links, conclusions, summaries, and more are documented. This practice prevents team members from being unclear about key points after tasks or meetings conclude.

Sales Process Management

End-to-End Monitoring of Every Sales Lead

  1. Salesperson and Target Setting

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Firstly, the sales manager sets monthly goals for each salesperson. Once filled in, these sales goal data are instantly synchronized with the "Team Dashboard." Sales managers can review individual tasks and the overall task completion status on the dashboard and make adjustments as needed.

  1. Client List

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After establishing sales goals, salespeople input client information into the "Client List" to synchronize their sales progress. Sales managers can also use this to gain an overview of the entire sales process from a holistic perspective.

  1. Client Follow-up Records

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Subsequent client follow-up records are entered by the sales manager, including date, docking people, follow-up summary, and remarks, among other information. All this data is to be filled into the "Client Follow-Up Records."

  1. Sales Opportunity

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As salespersons engage with clients and identify potential buyers, this information is entered into the "Sales Opportunity".

  1. Contract Deal Registration

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Finally, when a client closes a deal, salespeople promptly input the deal information into the "Contract Deal Registration", updating sales completion rates in real-time. This data also supports sales managers in making sales forecasts at the beginning of the month and summarizing sales at the end of the month.

  1. Query Client

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A complete sales workflow is achieved through the "B2B Contract Sales and Management", creating a CRM system. Additionally, the sales team can utilize the client query table to quickly access essential customer information.