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Description: lists the definitions of technical terms and full names and explanations of abbreviations used in this document.

Reference Documents

Description: lists all reference documents for this document.

Overall Process/Logical Relationships

Description: Describe the overall flowchart or logical relationship diagram of the product or component described in this requirement document of the project.

  1. Features
  1. Feature F01 XXXX

Description: A brief description stating the property. F refers to a feature, m is a natural number from 1 to n, and Fmm is the serial number of this feature.

Such as: 1.1 feature F03 screenshot function optimization.

  1. Features Included in the Functionality

Brief Description

Briefly describe the features and priorities included in this feature:

  1. Screen capture gray screen mechanism optimization (high)

  1. Functional Requirements (FR)
  1. F01.FR01 XXXXX

Description: Subdivide complex features into system requirements, stating a detailed description of the functionality.

Such as: F01.FR01 screenshot gray screen mechanism optimization

User Scenarios

Describes the usage scenarios for this requirement

Functional Description

Briefly describe the capabilities that this requirement will implement

Process Flow

Describe in detail the processing steps for this requirement, as well as the associated interaction instructions

Supplementary Notes

Something special or in need of additional explanation

  1. F01.FR02 XXXXX

User Scenarios

Functional Description

Process Flow

Supplementary Notes

  1. Feature F02 XXXX

The content structure is the same as 1.1, and also describes the functional requirements of feature 2

  1. Performance Requirements

Check against this table and simply mark eligible features in "Related Features"




Related Features

Data Read and Write

Do you need to get or send a large amount of data from the server?

Focus on the time-consuming and resource-intensive nature of the process

Do you need to save or read large amounts of data (locally)?

Is there any movement of large amounts of data (import, copy, cut, delete, etc.)?

Is there a data search?

Interface Effects

Will there be a large number of similar interface elements?

Focus on the time consumption of the processes of creation, display, refresh, and destruction.

Are there any animation effects?

Focus on animation effects.


Are there batch operations?

Pay attention to the time consumption and response speed of the operation process.

Are there embedded web pages?

Page loading speed.

Are there web page redirects?

Are there timed processing logics?

Focus on the volume of content for timed processing.

Are there delayed processing logics?

Focus on whether the delayed point coincides with other logics, causing potential visual misunderstandings.

Is it a critical operation or a common operation?

Pay attention to the time consumption and response speed of the operation process.

Is it associated with critical operations: login panel, logging in/logging out of QQ, opening/closing conversation windows, user profile windows, main panel friend list?

  1. International Needs

Internationalization requirements encompass the following aspects:

  1. Encoding Issues - Unicode
  1. Regional and Cultural Awareness: Regions, Dates and Calendars, Time Formats, Currency Formats, Measurement Units and Conversions, Sorting and String, Comparisons, Number Formats, Addresses, Paper Sizes, Phone Numbers, Temperature Units, etc.
  1. Text Input, Output, and Display
  1. Multilingual User Interface


Supplementary Notes

  1. Appendix

Other relevant documents involved are listed here. If not, write None.

Requirements document naming conventions see the Hummer product requirements specification naming example.