Reporter: Typ "@+ name" to refer to the person

Department: XX department

Date: August 8, 2023

1. Project Overview

For an overview of the work being done, you can type ”@+ name” to refer to the relevant person.

  1. Item 1
  • Project Description
You can describe the background and objectives of the project, the real situation of the project for the overall introduction.

  • Effect Review
You can insert picture or graphite cloud table to display data, visual project reality, such as the achievement of various indicators.

  • Description of the Results
Analyze and summarize the results of the project.

  1. Item 2
  • Project Description

  • Effect Review

  • Description of the Results

2. Experience Summary

Review the work experience in the project, precipitation methodology.
  1. Advantages

  1. Insufficient

  1. Improvement

3. Future Plan

Show the future work plan, you can enter ”@+ name” to mention relevant people and add graphite cloud file.
  1. Short-term planning

  1. Long-term planning