I. Work Overview

In a few short sentences, explain the effectiveness of your work in the past year.
Note the following points:
1concise statement, no more than 200 words.
2 Focus on the most critical work achievements.
3、Humble attitude, list the help of leaders and colleagues.

In xxxx year, under the leadership of the leadership, the close cooperation of colleagues, I completed the performance targets, to achieve a significant increase in performance, and ability to improve, for the future work, laid a good foundation.

II. Work Review

This part is the focus, a showcase of one's work achievements and abilities over the past year. When writing this section, list the main work you have done since one year.
Note the following points:
1, clear logic, this part of the content will be more, be sure to clear your mind, pay attention to the expression of jagged, it is best to categorize their work, so it will be much clearer.
2, data support, the display of work results must be supported by real data indicators, so as to be persuasive. Do not use "about", "okay", such some vague meaning of the word, it is recommended to use "improve 50%", "completed 90% It is recommended to use degree descriptors such as "50% improvement" and "90% completion".
3, highlight the achievements, a year of work is certainly good and bad, but in the work review board to focus on showing their achievements, and those who do not do well, or more mediocre, you can consider a sentence to carry over.

Over the year I have firmly implemented and executed the company's instructions and completed the following work:

1. Pay close attention to the key points and improve work performance (give specific explanations, how to improve efficiency, work performance has increased by 30%, etc.)

2, Broaden the channel, since the development of customers (what channels have been expanded, which customers have been developed···)

III. Issues

This part can be explained in two parts, one is some areas of their work that need improvement. The second is what areas of work in the past still need support from the leadership.
Note the following points:
1, Do not have to expand everything, the problem will be described very specific, to be concise.
2、Positive attitude and sincere tone.

Although I have made great progress and gains in the past year, however, there are still some problems that I need to pay attention to and improve in my future work.

  • The sense of innovation is not high...
  • Team awareness is not high...
  • I hope that in the coming year, the leadership and department will provide more support to our work and provide some learning opportunities. Also learn more from our colleagues and make progress together.

IV. Improvement ideas

This part can also be explained in two parts, one is for your own problems in the past year, to propose solutions, as well as to improve the efficiency of thinking and program planning. Second, you can make your own work plan for the New Year in response to the macro planning given by the department or the company.
Note the following points:
1、Don't make unrealistic planning goals, be unrealistic, talk eloquently, appear to have no deep thinking, have a wrong attitude, and at the same time dig holes for yourself.
2、Don't set the goal too low, jump up and reach it, not what you can reach

In the new year, I will continue to implement the company's (department's) work instructions, and actively make improvements to address my problems, do my job well, and raise my performance to a new level.

1、Improving departmental performance ......

2、Strengthening teamwork .....

3、Innovative work ideas .....

(If you are sure of yourself, you can list your specific work plan, including data goals, here to be more convincing.)

V. Show determination

This part is the final conclusion, which is mainly to make a statement and show your determination to do better.
Note the following points:
1、The language is concise, don't make endless, long-winded statements
2、The tone is firm. Compared with the previous part of the speech, the voice should be louder, and the confidence should be sufficient to show the greatness of your determination.

In the new year, I will be in the workplace, adhere to a positive attitude to work, develop strengths and improve the weaknesses, and continue to do my work under the leadership of the department, with the cooperation of colleagues, to make achievements and make a style.

Do not forget the original intention, sharpening forward!